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                • +86-663-3883271

                ABOUT US

                Since 1996,Focus on cosmetics and perfume packaging.


                ADVANCED EQUIPMENT

                Chunjing glass products co.,ltd is an enterprise engaging in researching, developing, producing and selling glass bottles, such as perfume bottles, cosmetic packaging bottle, our total turnover is up to $20,000,000.Covering an area of 200,000sqm. we have 17 full-automatic production lines, and sets of silk-screen and hot stamping equipment. we turn out 250,000,000 glass bottles of various specifications annually, so we welcome your volume orders.


                QUALITY ASSURANCE

                Our company is ISO 9001 certificated, so set your heart at rest to choose from our products. Our have 80 QC staff, with about more than 20 years¡¯ experience, inspect the whole producing process, including selecting materials. There are 20 raw material suppliers cooperating with us for 16 years.We are confident to tell you that we have zero defect rates, and we welcome the third part, such as SGS to come to our factory for testing.

                GOOD AT DESIGN


                With 20 years experience, our 8 engineers, three of who are senior engineers, Can design new products 100 sets per year. We have our own molding factory, so that we can design and manufacture a new product in 25 days. Because of our strong R&D ability, there are at least 200 clients coorperating with us steadily.

                SERVICES WE PROVIDE

                Provide a variety of cosmetics and perfume packaging required one-stop service


                Can provide drawings or samples to design.Or pick a sample that already exists.


                Make the most suitable mould for the production of glass bottles.


                With strict process control, we produce high quality glass bottles for you.


                Frosting,Coating,Silk printing,Gold/Silver stamping,UV varnishing,Electroplating and etc.


                Perfume Bottles,Skincare Bottles,Cosmetic Bottles,Plastic Cap and etc.

                LATEST NEWS AND EVENTS

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                Looking forward to your participation

                23 May 2017

                Looking forward to your participation

                Looking forward to your participation

                9 Mar 2017

                Looking forward to your participation

                Looking forward to your participation

                15 Nov 2016

                Looking forward to your participation


                Gaoming Village,Chiwei Street,Puning City, Guangdong Province,China.
                +86 663 3883271

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